SMASS.2 - A Sequential Multi Agent Social Simulation System.
An updated version.

Copyright 2007: Wolfgang Balzer

The SMASS.2 programmes can be copied and used under the open source regime.

I found in the paper from 2000 a 'bug'. One line in the file 'para' was not printed in the paper, namely 'type_of_neighbourhood(moore,1).' As my program had this line, and therefore ran smoothly, it was not a real bug but only a 'type-setter' bug. Sorry, but this was not my fault.

In the last years the SWI program was several times updated, some commands were changed. So I had to change the SMASS program in some places. I changed some names of the predicates for better reading.

I added some small graphic programs. So the results of a simulation can be seen in some pictures. The graphic programs could be substantially shortened.

Finally, it would be easy to zip the programs and download automatically but I did not upload this device.


Here, you can download the files of SMASS.2: