The Munich Simulation Group

is an informal group of researchers affiliated with the University of Munich (LMU). Most members work in the industry and in the educational sector. Our group writes simulation programmes for social systems and for processes of scientific development.
We investigate all kinds of social systems, from psychology, economics, sociology, political theory to game theory and theory of crises.

General Themes

      - Sequential versus Parallel Computing
      - A General Frame for Artificial Societies
      - SMASS - Sequential Social Simulation
      - Social Practices

Special Projects

      - Economic Systems
      - Psychological and Sociological Systems
      - Political Systems
      - Theory of Science

    The members - alphabetically ordered - are:

      Dr. Wolfgang Balzer, professor emeritus - theory of science.
      Dr. Karl R. Brendel , software engineer.
      Dr. Solveig Hofmann , software engineer.
      MA Daniel Kurzawe , doctoral candidate.
      Dr. Klaus Manhart , free-lanced writer.
      Dr. Thomas Pitz , professor - economics, game theory.
      Dipl.-Inf. MA Joseph Urban , software engineer.
      Dr. Dieter Will , private gentleman.