Wolfgang Balzer

Curriculum Vitae

1947: born in Darmstadt, Germany

1958-68: high school and army service

1969-75: studies of mathematics and philosophy at the University of Munich. First degree (Diplom) in
      mathematical logics. Adviser: K. Schütte

1975-76: research assistent (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) in a DFG-projekt led by A. Kamlah at the
      University of Osnabrück

1976-78: assistent professor (wissenschaftlicher Assistent) for foundations of mathematics and didactics,
      University of Osnabrück

1976: dissertation on physical space-time theories. Adviser: W. Stegmüller

1978-83: assistent professor (wissenschaftlicher Assistent) at the Seminar für Philosophie, Logik und
      Wissenschaftstheorie, University of Munich

1979: marriage with Phillio Marcou

1979-82: leader of a DFG-research project on the historical and systematical role of measurement in
      physics (collaborators: U.Gähde, F.Mühlhölzer, F.R. Wollmershäuser)

1982: publication of Empirische Theorien: Modelle - Strukturen - Beispiele

1982-83: fellow at the Netherland Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS)

1983: habilitation at the Philosophical Faculty, University of Munich. Written thesis on theory and measurement

1984: tenured professor at the Philosophical Faculty, University of Munich

1987: publication of An Architectonic for Science (together with Moulines and Sneed)

1985-90: leader of a DFG-research project on reference in natural science (collaborators: B.Lauth, G.Zoubek)

1986: guest professor at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, spring term

1991-92: leader of a DFG-research project on crisis modelling (collaborators: A.Gayhoff, J.Sander)

1993: publication of Soziale Institutionen

1995: research award of the Academy of Finland, guest of the Academy in Helsinki

1997: publication of
-     Die Wissenschaft und ihre Methoden
-     Models for Genetics (together with C.M.Dawe)
-     Teorias: modelos, estructuras y ejemplos

1999: listed in Marquis' "Who is Who in the World"

2001: professor emeritus (Professor i.R.), for health reasons