Some information about the book.

The examples are numbered in the way used in the book: exampleXYZ , where
- X is the number of a chapter,
- Y is the number of a section and
- Z is the Z-th example in this section.
We store the files in text format: file.txt
If you want to run the examples you should download SWI-PROLOG,
rename the files "file.txt" to "file.pl", and activate the file "examXYZ.pl"
where XYZ is the number of the example.
We also provide some auxiliary files which found in the book.

Example 411

Example 431

Example 441

Example 451

Some corrections and clarifications of the text of the book:
page 83, line 3: not X2 but X3
p.109, l.24 not: b-Prädikate but: b-Prädikate
p.113, l.3 bracket ')' is redundant
p.119, l.14 not: eine but: einer
p.180, l.6 from below: not: Ablaufeines but Ablauf eines
p.181, l.1 'einen' is redundant
p.181, l.10 von unten not: der but: des
p.201, l.19 not: predI but: I
p.201, l.19 after 'wir' insert: 'mit pred und'
p.201. l.19 before '.Mit' insert: 'pred23'
p.219, l.25 not: GOOD2und but: GOOD2 und
p.257, l.10 not: 'unten' but: 'in Seite links unten'